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NYC News + Updates Posted on: by Jeremy.Wilcox The past 2 weeks saw lots of events that spoke to major milestones in the war against COVID: celebratory fireworks as New York state passed 70% of adults vaccinated, news of a July 7 Canyon of Heroes ticker-tape parade for healthcare heroes and other essential workers who aided the city through the… Read More
GuideWeek 2021: Thank You! Posted on: by Jeremy.Wilcox Thank you to all (from around the globe!) who signed up for GuideWeek 2021, the first virtual event designed to meet the needs of and empower local tour guides. We hope that you enjoyed the two days of great educational events and webinars (recordings will be up on the main GuideWeek page soon!),… Read More
NYC News + Updates Posted on: by Jeremy.Wilcox New York's reopening continues! 24-hour subway service resumes this Monday. Most capacity limits will be dropped on Wednesday. And Broadway has confirmed its September return. COVID rates are dropping fast, as vaccination rates continue to rise. Good news is good to read! Here's some of the biggest… Read More
Historic Districts Council Teams Up With a Guiding Spirit Posted on: by Jeremy.Wilcox The Historic Districts Council has partnered with one of GANYC's Guiding Spirits, Joe Svehlak, for a series of video tours focusing on historic neighborhoods. The first 3 videos on their YouTube channel feature Joe showcasing the East 25th Historic District in Brooklyn, East Flatbush, and Sunset… Read More
The Summer of New York City Posted on: by Jeremy.Wilcox Today, Mayor de Blasio announced his intention to have the city fully reopen on July 1st, promising "This is going to be the summer of New York City." This means full capacity returned to restaurants, theaters, arenas, museums, and all businesses. Broadway had previously set its own target date… Read More
GuideWeek 2021, Presented by GANYC! Posted on: by Jeremy.Wilcox Registration is now open for GuideWeek 2021! The event, which will take place May 10-14, is the first virtual event specifically designed to meet the needs of local tour guides. The 3 days of virtual education, recruitment, and networking will focus on… Read More
Tour Your Own City this Spring & Summer! Posted on: by Jeremy.Wilcox We are very excited to see that the vaccination numbers in New York-- and across the US in general-- continue to rise each day. Congratulations to all who did not throw away their shot! The CDC has also recently released encouranging guidance on travel for those who are vaccinated. GANYC is proud… Read More
GANYC Discusses Loosening of Travel Restrictions on News12 Posted on: by Jeremy.Wilcox GANYC Public Relations Chair Jeremy Wilcox was on News12 last night for a segment discussing the end of restrictions for domestic travelers visiting New York, and why safety can't be sacrificed to reopen things just a bit sooner. Members of the Guides Association of NYC are ready and waiting to… Read More
GANYC Members In The News Again! Posted on: by Jeremy.Wilcox Two GANYC members featured in the news this past week... First, member Kevin Fitzpatrick was featured in this news story about his Woodlawn Cemetery tours.  NYC’s professional guides are still crafting unique ways to explore NYC and its history & culture. News12: Woodlawn Cemetery tour… Read More
Destination Capitol Hill Goes Virtual Posted on: by Jeremy.Wilcox Destination Capitol Hill is the US travel industry's main lobbying event, which every year would bring travel professionals from across the US to Washington DC. Due to COVID, the event went virtual this year. Working with the US Travel Association and tourism professionals from across the country,… Read More