Board Members

Michael Morgenthal President I am honored to be the GANYC President for 2024-2025. I previously served on the GANYC Executive Board as Vice President (2020-2021), Secretary (2018-2019) and member-at-large (2016-2017). I also… Read More
Beth Goffe Vice President I am a long-term Upper West Side resident and a New York City history lover. I became a licensed New York City tour guide, after my work focus shifted from Human Resources (Client Services and Data)… Read More
Katherine Hill Vice President Read More
Sara Lyons Treasurer Sara Lyons (GANYC Treasurer) has been a licensed tour guide for seven years, a GANYC member for four years, and chair of the Awards Committee since March 2023. She joined GANYC seeking a community of… Read More
Leigh Hallingby Secretary Read More
Mitch Paluzcek Secretary Read More
Micaela Fagan Member At Large New York, New York! If you can make it there, I'll tour you anywhere! My favorite neighborhoods for walking tours include the Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, East Village, the Theater District,… Read More
Gary Dennis Member At Large If you had told me ten years ago that I would one day be on the board of this organization, I would have said the same thing I said when I found out there was to be a food court on the lower level of… Read More
Joseph Landon Member At Large Read More