Mitch Paluszek



I am honored to be a Secretary on the Board of GANYC. I recently retired as an attorney after 37+ years of proud NYC service in several City agencies. And with all that jumping around, I really learned how this amazing City works, from the transportation and transit networks to the INCREDIBLE water supply system. And, my favorite, the NYS civil service system. (Hey, I’m a geek.)

I’ve been a licensed NYC Tour Guide since, I think, 1991, and, since birth, have been the go-to guy when family and friends come to NYC. And while I can’t say I’ve walked on every street in the City, I can say that I’ve walked in every neighborhood (Tottenville to Baychester; Douglas Manor to Coney Island; Rockaway to Riverdale). All that walking has helped me earn my street-cred as a total NYC Trivia Nerd, as evidenced by a respectable amount of NYC trivia contest wins. (There would have been more, if quibbling was allowed.) (Oh, and that Jeopardy! win…) It also helped me get the best retirement part-time gig as a tour guide (a/k/a Tour Ambassador) atop the World Trade Center. I mean, How Great is That!

Oh, and I’m a Met Fan! And I live in Queens with my partner of 40 years. And two cats.

Again, I’m proud to serve GANYC as Secretary.