GANYC Discusses NYC's ‘Double Whammy’ of Job Troubles

The NYT has an article today looking at "The ‘Double Whammy’ That Is Slowing New York City’s Job Growth". One of those whammies is, of course, the tourism sector (the other being commuters, still largely working remotely). The article notes, "Before the pandemic, the tourism industry in New York City employed 283,000 people, with the majority of those jobs in Manhattan. By the end of 2020, roughly a third of those positions had been eliminated."

GANYC Board member Patrick Casey is quoted in the article. “It’s going to take a long time for my industry to come back,” he notes. GANYC has been working since this crisis started to fight for those jobs, and the important role that tourism professionals play in the city's economy. We will continue to do so as the city welcomes a new Mayor next month.