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  1. GANYC Discusses NYC's ‘Double Whammy’ of Job Troubles

    The NYT has an article today looking at "The ‘Double Whammy’ That Is Slowing New York City’s Job Growth". One of those whammies is, of course, the tourism sector (the other being commuters, still largely working remotely). The article notes, "Before the pandemic, the tourism industry in New York City employed 283,000 people, with the majority of those jobs in Manhattan. By the end of 2020, roughly a third of those positions had been eliminated."

    GANYC Board member Patrick Casey is quoted in the article. “It’s going to take a long time for my industry to come back,” he notes. GANYC has been working since this crisis started to fight for those jobs, and the important role that tourism professionals play in the city's economy. We will continue to do so as the city welcomes a new Mayor next month.

  2. GANYC Discusses Sightseeing Bus Guides on WNYC

    We thank The Brian Lehrer Show and WNYC for spotlighting the plight of laid-off sightseeing bus guides.

    Listen here: The Future of NYC Tour Bus Guides

    Patrick Casey, the chair of our Government Relations Committee, spoke on the segment about the need for live guides, and the crucial role they play in a safe environment for these buses. And, of course, live guides create a personal experience that best sells our great city.

    We urge the NYC City Council to swiftly pass bill 289-A to keep our double-decker buses safe, and a worthwhile value to visitors from across the world.

  3. NY Missed You!

    This week marks the long-awaited return of international visitors to the US, kept away by travel bans that lasted nearly 20 months. Tour guides have always worked to serve as ambassadors to our great city, and that was certainly the case yesterday, as the first travelers arrived in our post-vaccine era of travel.

    GANYC member Patrick van Rosendaal was at the airport to welcome back these travelers, especially those from his native Belgium. And to hand out some refreshments, as seen here in this Associated Press video.

    International visitors can peruse the "Find a Guide" section of this website. We have over 300 guides, many multilingual, ready to help make NYC memories for travelers this holiday season and throughout 2022.

    [UPDATE: Patrick's welcome efforts were also covered by this Bloomberg news article.]

  4. GANYC Guides Inform NYC!

    The NYC government has a regular video series, named "inform NYC", that provides New Yorkers with useful information about city services by answering the most frequently asked questions.

    The latest episode-- 'Why are Queens streets so confusing?'-- features two GANYC Members, Ibrahima Diallo and Jack Eichenbaum (who is the official Queens Borough Historian). It is no surprise to us that the city knows that when you want your questions about the city answered, you seek out a licensed guide!

  5. GANYC Guides In Conversation

    Tour guides love and know New York, and few know the city better than GANYC guides. Member Stan O'Connor has begun a series of videos in conversation with his fellow members about some of their favorite places in NYC. If you have a favorite area in the city, we'd love to hear your story!

    Here are the first two videos:

    Stan Kulp discussing Prospect Park and Grand Army Plaza, in Brooklyn--

    Gardiner Comfort discusses how Chinatown has retained its authentic character--

  6. Guides Are Unsung Heroes!

    This past week, GANYC member Jeremy Wilcox was interviewed by Elis James and John Robins on their BBC radio program. Each week they do a segment called “Unsung Heroes”, where they talk to various people who have played a big part in something well known to the public, but also not very recognized. This week, they featured NYC tourism (one our city’s top industries!) and interviewed Wilcox from his perspective on this industry as a professional guide.

    You can listen to the episode here:

    The segment starts at 34:34

  7. Welcome Back, International Travelers!

    GANYC was elated to hear that, starting in November, international travelers will once be able to visit the United States (with most restrictions removed then for vaccinated travelers). Our membership includes a large amount of multilingual guides who depend on their travelers for their livelihoods. As does the NYC economy! International visitors generate 50 percent of the city’s tourism spending, which in turn is one of the city's most important sources of revenue across several industries.

    GANYC member Jared Goldstein was interviewed for a New York Times article this week about this news. “I’m so happy to welcome them back,” Goldstein said.

    We are all too! A reminder that travelers can use our Find a Guide feature-- -- to search for guides by language.

  8. NYC Remembers: GANYC Commemorates 9/11

    In late August and early September, GANYC organized a series of events in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and their impact on New York.

    Our first series of events were for members only. This included a series of 9/11 Memorial walks for our members led by 9/11 Memorial Museum docent and trainer, Ed Welter. Our big event was held at 3 World Trade Center. The program began with a talk by Mike Marcucci, the host of this special class event and personal filmmaker to Larry Silverstein. Mr. Marcucci took members and other invited guests through the newly opened marketing center of the World Trade Center. Next we were joined 9/11 Memorial Museum docent and trainer, Ed Welter for a class on “How the World Trade Center was built and why did it collapse.” We thank them for these wonderful events.

    This was followed up in the past week with our "New York City Remembers" initiative, a series of free events that our members volunteered to give to the public. The initiative consisted of live walking tours, and a series of virtual webinars. The live tours included a look at the former immigrant neighborhood that existed downtown before the World Trade Center, a look at the new World Trade Center, and an exploration of Staten Island's 9/11 memorial. The webinars explored the following topics: the origins and urban planning of the original World Trade Center, how Broadway responded to 9/11, the impact on Chinatown, the 9/11 memorial in Jerusalem, and the fascinating origin of Bayonne's memorial.

    The webinars were all recorded and you can find the videos archived HERE.

    Thank you all to our volunteers for helping GANYC commemorate this tragic anniversary.

  9. Destination New York

    GANYC Board member Jeremy Wilcox was featured on the most recent edition of Destination New York, a monthly series that showcases attractions and opportunities for touring in the state. In the segment, Wilcox discusses the importance and value of having a live guide to get the most personal experiences possible.

    You can watch the full episode here (the GANYC segment begins at 6:12):
     Destination NY – Seeing Santa, playing with Legos, and getting down and dirty

    Those touring New York City can find a guide on our website or find a great selection of unique guided tours on our sister site Thanks to Destination New York and PIX11 reporter Greg Mocker for their spotlight.

  10. A Final Home for Dorothy Parker

    GANYC member Kevin Fitzpatrick (also president of the Dorothy Parker Society!) was featured in the NY Post yesterday, for the dedication ceremony of the tombstone for Ms. Parker, whose remains Kevin helped relocate to her native New York last year. Her final resting place is now historic Woodlawn Cemetery, in the Bronx.

    Another great example of what champions New York guides are for their city's history, and how incomplete your NYC experience is without one!

    [UPDATE: Kevin was also featured in the New York Times as well!]


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