Midtown Highlights

Comedy legends, the world's finest musicians, billionaires, worshippers and travelers of all kinds - this is what I have in my neighborhood. I'm Chris Shelley, a professional wedding officiant and tour guide, and I've lived in NYC since 1992. 

I love walking around here, admiring the architecture, eating food of all kinds, discovering new coffee shops that have replaced all the coffee shops that have closed. I love finding little-known pedestrian pathways that lead through the middle of otherwise busy blocks. No matter how many times I step inside 30 Rock, or Grand Central, or St. Patrick's Cathedral, I am struck with awe at how beautiful these buildings are and at how many people from all over the world flock to see these buildings. I know the best place to buy cookies, several decent public bathrooms, a few really nice hotel lobbies and the nicest deli owners in the city. 

I'm not a historian: I'm more interested in the city as it is today. I'll toss some history at you, but mostly I'll share the most exciting,ever-changing neighborhood with you as a New Yorker sees it.