I've lived in New York City since 1992. I've lived the life of an actor, a writer, a Wall St. guy, a massage therapist, and since 2011 I've been a professional wedding officiant. As my career changed, my view of the city changed. I love it here.  


Boston University, BFA Acting

New York University, MFA Creative Writing, (Fiction) 

Personal Interests:

Originally from Springfield, Mass, I grew up right in Boston and moved to NYC in 1992.

I am a big fan of baseball and baseball history, but I still cheer for my Beantown teams.

I'm nuts about Late Night comedy shows - I grew into an adult watching Letterman, Carson, Stewart, Colbert, Noah and others. I feel that these folks are more than just entertainers: they're critical for keeping people interested in world events. They help us digest world events in a fun way. These people have to be very smart to do these jobs well and I've been lucky enough in my time to meet a handful of their writers.

I'm a wedding enthusiast, having officiated over 600 weddings since 2011. This is my main thing, and I'd love to show people all the spots people get married in NYC.  Technically, I could take you on a tour...and marry you to someone on that tour! Twofer!

Special Tours:

Midtown Highlights: A fun stroll through the heart of Midtown through the eyes of a comedy-obsessed New Yorker. Learn what it's like to live near the most iconic landmarks of New York City.

Aisle Be There: see all the various places where people get married in NYC. From Central Park to Grand Central, you'll never see these sites the same way again until you see them as the stage for a wedding.

Roosevelt Island : The Sveltest Island Around. Ride the tram over to Roosevelt Island and stroll its length. It's a little-known gem of a place; many New Yorkers have never been there! It's a mini-vacation, with great views of Manhattan.



Featured Tours by Chris Shelley