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GANYC Discusses Loosening of Travel Restrictions on News12

GANYC Public Relations Chair Jeremy Wilcox was on News12 last night for a segment discussing the end of restrictions for domestic travelers visiting New York, and why safety can't be sacrificed to reopen things just a bit sooner.

Members of the Guides Association of NYC are ready and waiting to welcome tourists back to New York. But "safety first" has been our motto throughout this pandemic, and that has not changed. Cases are rising again, and we all want the U.S. to avoid the fate of many European nations, whose sharp rises have forced new rounds of lockdowns. We urge travelers to postpone travel until all 16+ members of their family/group have been fully vaccinated, to keep getting tested until then, and to continue to avoid any activities (such as indoor dining, etc) where masks aren't worn until then as well. GANYC understands pandemic fatigue is rising sharply as well, but we must all continue to do our part to prevent more suffering.

GANYC urges both travelers and guides to read the Health and Safety Guidelines on our site for our recommended best practices for touring during this time.

And for fully vaccinated locals or travelers who are looking to tour New York City this Spring and Summer, please visit to peruse 100+ unique tours designed to help people fall back in love with this city.

So please stay safe, get vaccinated as soon as possible (local pharmacies seem to the best source for appointments right now), and we hope to see you all soon! We are all in this together.

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