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Yue Wang


Hey, this is hermit wang, my Chinese name is yue wang. I have been living in New York City for almost 14 years. I was born in Beijing China, but I set my family in New York City. The city is my mother town now. There are many museums in this city, some of them are brilliant, such as MET MOMA and Cloister. I have spend so many time to leading the tours in these museums, there are so many wonders, so many interesting collections and so many stories. No matter Egypt or Roma, Van Gogh or Paul Gauguin, Chinese vases or French tapestries. It is kind of enjoy for walking in the history collections. We all can gain something new, following the museums tour. I also provide walking tour in downtown, wall street, Chinatown, queens and bus tour. It is very pleasure to service you if someday we meet in New York City, I can speak Mandarin Chinese and English.

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All related history,museum,Chinatown, Wall street, downtown manhattan


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Downtown Manhattan Wall Street/Financial District Central Park Private Bus Tours Private Tours Queens Student Tours Walking Tours