Private Walking Tour: Footsteps of Dylan and Springsteen

Led by Ann McDermott, a music lover for decades and now a licensed New York City Tour Guide, who was young in the ’60s and there in the ’70s along with her musician friends and other fans, while music history was being made in the darkly lit clubs of the Village.

  • Where on Bleecker Street was the club where Bruce Springsteen played to eight people?
  • What did Italian food have to do with Folk Music and the launching of Bob Dylan?
  • What role did  Izzy Young play and how did he help Dylan and Patti Smith’s band to become stars?
  • What happened in Washington Square Park in 1961 that almost “stopped the music”, and how did the owner of the Village Gate, along with Izzy Young, fight for your freedom of speech–and music–today?
  • Where was “Hard Rain's Gonna Fall” written, and what was its connection to the Woodstock Festival?
  • Stand at the spot where Bruce Springsteen was told his life was going to change when he became a recording artist for Columbia Records.
  • Visit the club where Springsteen, Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix played.
  • Where was that “crummy” hotel near Washington Square Park where Bob Dylan and Joan Baez shared a room?
  • Who was John Hammond and whom else did he discover?  And what was his connection to Anderson Cooper and the civil rights movement?
  • Take a photograph at the very spot where the cover of Dylan’s second album was photographed on a cold February day in 1962 along with his then girlfriend Suze Rotolo.

See you there!

Tour Length
2 hours
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