A Lower East Side Street Art Stroll

The Lower East Side (LES) is a vibrant neighborhood in Manhattan. Here the streets come alive with an explosion of creativity, courtesy of captivating street art that mirrors the pulse and spirit of the city. From graffiti covered brick walls to vividly spray-painted murals, the LES is an ever-evolving canvas where artistic expression knows no bounds. As you wander these historic streets, you’ll encounter street art in unexpected places, tucked into vacant lots, gracing storefront gates, embellishing lampposts, and claiming space on the Lower East Side walls.

WHERE: Our adventure begins on the corner of Houston and Broadway and ends on Elizabeth Street near Chinatown.

Some Highlights We May Come Across: The Wall, Freemans' Alley, The Bowery Wall, Allen Street Mall, and 100 Gates featuring street artists Triston Eaton, Dragon 76, BK Foxx, Buff Monster, Dasic Fernandez and more. 

Ideal For: Solo Travelers, Photographers, Small Groups, and Art Lovers!

This tour is an experience in wandering and how to see, allowing you to appreciate the artistry and context behind each piece. 🎨🏙️ We will take our time and walk at a leisurely pace.