The Italian Enclave in Williamsburg: A Journey Through The Old Neighborhood

Nowadays, when you hear someone say, “Williamsburg”, it conjures up images of Hipsters and luxury condos. But Williamsburg, Brooklyn is so much more than meets the eye. Over the centuries, this historic neighborhood has been home to German, Polish, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Dominican, African American, and Italian immigrant communities.

On this FAM tour of The Italian Enclave in Williamsburg, we will embark on a journey through a neighborhood that has deep roots and soaring pride in its heritage. Along the way, we will visit several independent small businesses that have survived through the decades, as well as new establishments that pay homage to the area’s cultural history.

Some of the highlights of the tour will be a visit to a woman-owned brewery and community center; a visit to a seemingly old-school pizzeria that has gourmet creations; an Italian pastry shop that has been around since 1976; and an enormous new Italian beer garden and restaurant in an old wire factory.

And we'll get to sample some of their products along the way!

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