Art Deco & Midtown Landmarks Architecture Tour

A great tour for those who want to get the most out of their time in midtown, with countless photo opportunities.

This tour will start near Bryant Park, as we begin to explore the history of midtown and its many Art Deco masterpieces (as well as other styles— Beaux-Arts, International Style, & more). We will dive into the world of landmarking in NYC, and the constant battle between preservation and progress.

Our journey will begin down East 42nd Street, where we will see numerous historic buildings. This stretch will include several early, key Art Deco masterpieces... not just the gorgeous Chrysler Building. We’ll see lesser-known landmarks like the American Radiator Building, Chanin Building, 500 5th Avenue, and others. You will be blown away! 

We will also pass through Grand Central Terminal, the world's largest train terminal, and one of NYC's most beautiful interior spaces. We will discuss why it is the most consequential landmark in American history. 

After a stop to an underrated crown jewel of NYC’s Art Deco past, we will make our way to Rockefeller Center. 

The tour is largely outdoors, but we will visit several stunning lobbies along the way.

This is a expansive tour, and good for all ages.