Aisle Be There: Walking Tour of New York City's Small Wedding Locations

Getting married in Central Park? Have a friend or relative who wants to get married in Central Park? Join me as I show you all the popular places people elope or have small weddings in the world's most famous park. 

It's a big park. Some locations are closer to the street than others. Some are closer to bathrooms than others. Some require fewer hills to climb than others. Some are more private than others - although in Central Park, nothing is ever that private.

I lead my tours to the famous spots - Cop Cot, Gapstow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain, Wagner Cove, Bow Bridge, Cherry Hill, Ladies Pavillion, Shakespeare Garden and Belvedere Castle. I can swing you over to the Dene Summerhouse aka Dene Shelter. I can take you over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and its beautiful surroundings. What's fun is that a tour of Central Park is built-in to this tour. It's a tour within a tour! But remember, I'm not a historian: I'm more interested in the way things are today. 

What I am is a guy with a vast history of experience marrying people (to each other) in Central Park.