NYC News + Updates

The past 2 weeks saw lots of events that spoke to major milestones in the war against COVID: celebratory fireworks as New York state passed 70% of adults vaccinated, news of a July 7 Canyon of Heroes ticker-tape parade for healthcare heroes and other essential workers who aided the city through the pandemic, the return of a full capacity (and fully vaccinated) studio audience for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert among return of entertainment, and more. And most importantly, so many stories from NYC guides of returning to work!

As we enter "The Summer of New York" with cautious optimism, we want to again thank all our members and partners and affiliates for their support over this past year. GANYC has been working for years to be the most proactive trade organization for professional tour guides in the United States, and we doubled our efforts during this crisis.

In addition to our continuing education for our members-- through our certification course, professional development programs, FAM tours, etc-- we have worked this past year to aid members in finding the assistance and resources needed to navigate this crisis. We engaged in media outreach to make sure that professional guides were not lost in the stories of those impacted by a changing world and economy. Our virtual GANYC Apple Awards celebrated this city and its resiliency. Our monthly meetings worked to spotlight great speakers. And our inaugural GuideWeek conference was a success thanks to all of you. And we created new initiatives, from the Tour Your Own City campaign to regularly updated health & safety guidelines, to safely help guides return to doing what they do best: being the storytellers and ambassadors of their city.

As you ponder what your own Summer in NYC will be, some stories of interest: