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Nirupama Zaveri

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   My name is Nirupama (Neetu) Zaveri. I was born and nurtured in India, but for the past 24 years I have lived in New York. I was a global banker for 20 years and gave up my corparte job to lead tours in US and worldwide. I am a  NYC + DC guide and I am fluent in several languages. I am a good example of the east meet west as I can cope up with the fast pace of city life and at the same time enjoy the calm and serene life of the countryside. I had an arranged marriage and adapting to new things in life is my forte. My childhood days were spent in a small town in India and my weekends were spent at my Grandfather’s farm in a small village. From the very beginning, I have been in close contact with nature and also the slow yet steady pace of village life. Having been raised in a joint family, I am more of a people’s person. It is exciting to mingle with different personalities and understand people as who they truly are. My ideologies in life are simple living and high thinking and have been greatly shaped by the values and teachings of my parents. I have a strong bonding with my family and friends and greatly enjoy the company of Kissna, my African gray pet. The all encompassing changes in life, the rich cultural heritage, the unique diversity, the different languages, the customs and traditions, and the organic food and style of living greatly intrigue me. I find joy in little things, like the chirping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, the sound of the waves and waterfalls, hiking the untrodden path, or simply walking barefoot on a sandy beach. I have a knack of the fine things in life, be it the knowledge of exotic gems, fine fabrics or aromatic spices, or the traditional art and craft. I have a passion for cooking and have long preserved my grandma’s age old recipes. I am an outdoor person and enjoy being in nature. Nature inspires and motivates me. Having traveled extensively in India and abroad, I have developed a strong liking for history. I am a great storyteller and I love reading and sharing the stories about the age old monuments, temples, and historical places in India. I believe in living each day to the fullest, in exploring beautiful places, and in unraveling the marvelous beauty of this wonderful world. 

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Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali & Urdu 

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Airport/Pier Meet & Greet,
Convention Staff,
Corporate Meeting Staff,
Tour Consultant,
Tour Escort,
Tour Guide,
Tour Manager
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Central Park
Immigrant Experience
Private Bus Tours
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