Musings and News As NYC Moves Toward Reopening

As more and more Governors across the US give up on any attempts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the Guides Association of NYC is saddened to read that Governor Cuomo is giving up on the travel quarantine requirements intended to keep everyone safe as we work toward the end of this pandemic. Of course, this policy was rarely enforced to begin with. We urge the state to maintain its mask mandate and other measures until the country reaches mass vaccination over the next few months. And we urge all Americans to get vaccinated at the earliest available opportunity.

We understand and sympathize that, a year into this crisis, everyone is tired and restless and ready to move on. But while the end may be in sight, we are not there yet. While case numbers are dropping, tens of thousands remain hospitalized with COVID, and hundreds of Americans are still dying each day. Most Americans have not received a vaccine. All of this seems very likely to improve over the Spring months, but we urge everyone to keep their guard up during this time. We haven't come this far to give up now. And we owe it to the 530,000+ Americans who've lost their lives in the past 12 months to prevent any further pain.

Fighting for a return to normal does not need to be a reckless endeavor.

New York City's professional guides still believe that travel and safety can go hand in hand, and our website here contains information on our work during this crisis, including our Health & Safety Guidelines for travel. Our members have continued to provide unique experiences throughout the past year, and will continue to do so. GANYC is proud of how our members have represented their industry since last March.

The Guides Association of NYC remains ready to work with any interested agencies or parties to help ensure a safe recovery for NYC's crucial tourism industry.

Finally, for those interested, here is a quick roundup of reopening-related news:

-NYC indoor dining capacity expands to 50% beginning March 19
-Broadway theaters to open doors in April for pop-up events
-Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum To Reopen To The Public March 25
-NYC opening guide: Dates and details for events, museums, dining, travel, and more