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Available 7 days per week for day, sunset and evening tours. Please contact me 48 hours before your preferred time and date for a tour.


You come to NYC to see everything that is best, brightest and most thrilling about the city known to many as The Capital of the World. Why just see it when you can experience it?

As your guide, I will move you into the flow of life in NYC in a way that will bring you up close to the spectacular, authentic, beautiful, delicious and unexpected aspects of daily life in Manhatan. The stories behind the city's most iconic sightseeing destinations, the histories of Manhattan's favorite neighborhoods, the glamour of its finest hotels and the best of everything - from architecture, foods, markets and museums to the beautfy of it's parks, each one a masterpiece, will be a part of your tour with me. I will customize an unforgettable tour for you, your family or your organization designed to be the highlight of your time in New York City.

I wholeheartedly agree with Rick Steves when he says, "Travel is intensified living." That is especially true in New York where seeing visitors' eyes light up at the sight of all that is amazing about this city is a real joy to witness and an experience I love creating for my guests.

I'm a Licensed NYC Sightseeing Guide and love sharing the history, stories, quirks, beauty and larger-than-life aspects of the city where I was born and raised. I've traveled all over the world as a writer for travel companies but this is the city my heart calls home.

Ready to explore and discover with a guide who knows and loves this city through and through? Let's go!

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Special Tours: 

Join me for one of these special experiences or let's customize one according to your tastes, group size and interests!


Bergdorf Goodman is pure luxury. New York's most iconic retail destination is more than designer fashion, jewels worthy of royalty, celebrity designers and famous clientele. It's more than window displays that always astonish and indulgence that is rarely equaled anywhere else - it is absolutely pure New York, from its history to every amazing and bigger-than-life anecdote.

As a former Docent/Guide for Bergdorf Goodman and as a New Yorker with a lifetime love for and fascination with this store and being a part of the city's love affair with retail (my mother was with New York’s first luxury department store, B. Altman, and then with Saks Fifth Avenue for decades) I bring extra passion to the telling of the Bergdorf story.

We will explore the store from elegant and treasure-filled 7th floor down to and through each and every exquisite level one anecdote, one bit of fascinating history, one beautifully-designed view at a time often standing in the exact spots where each funny, outrageous and even touching event featured in books and movies about Bergdorf Goodman occurred

This tour is for everyone who loves fashion, loves celebrity, loves beautiful inn all of its forms and delights in peeling back layers of sophistication to discover heart, humor, legacy and the unexpected.


You may have always wondered, "What would it be like to live in NYC?" We will walk together, savoring the nuances and excitement of life in one of Manhattan's most vibrant neighborhoods - the Upper West Side. We will begin by meeting in a charming "pocket park" - Verdi Park then jump right into the flow of a day in the neighborhood. First stop is the Apple Bank for Savings - like the city it stands in, this place is extraordinary. Next, we will visit one of the neighborhood's most epic residences, discovering it's history (and learning about its most bizarre amenity). From there we will pop in and out of the neighborhood's liveliest food shopping destinations - a classic New York experience where you will witness the rigors and rewards of grocery shopping in Manhattan. We will sample classic NYC snacks too! The beauty of Central Park and the many iconic landmarks and cultural hubs that are a part of everyday living on the Upper West Side are highlights of this walk.


On this tour we explore the beauty, open spaces and fascinating stories of three New York classics as we move from West to East along the island of Manhattan from Riverside Park to Central Park to Carl Schurz Park. The West-to-East, Hudson River to East River crossing we will do is one of the loveliest walks in the city and each park provides a unique way for guests to delight in nature, Manhattan style!

Each park we will visit features scenic highlights and vistas you would never expect to see just steps from the excitement of the city. These are the places where so many New Yorkers have always enjoyed the great outdoors and where so many of us found peace and sanity during peak quarantine. This walk is a delightful way to experience New York as it is lived by city dwellers day-to-day and a wonderful way to witness the city as it carefully comes back to vibrant life.

We begin in Riverside Park, moving between its distinct tiers to go from riverwalk to gardens, from promenades to playing fields then onto a hidden hiking trail. When we leave Riverside Park we’re immediately into one of the city's most beautiful neighborhoods, the Upper West Side. As we walk to Central Park we’ll catch the energy of this “small town within a big city” - strolling along tree-lined streets, bustling avenues, passing lively shops and gorgeous, varied architecture and celebrity homes. Once in Central Park, expect waterfalls, the Adirondack-inspired beauty of the North Meadow, the elegance of the Conservatory and more.

As we leave the Park we cross East toward Carl Schurz Park - the walk is just as much of a highlight of this tour as the parks are as it provides the opportunity to discover the stories and varied architecture of 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue in particular as well as the change of scenery as we move through Little Hungary and Yorkville. At Carl Schurz we walk along the wide esplanade enjoying this small but mighty park sandwiched between a classic NYC neighborhood and views that include skyline, the East River, boat traffic, bridges, outer boroughs and the feel of a true New York park - this is where locals come to be at ease and escape from stress with an incredible backdrop - a one-of-a-kind panorama. Everyone is encouraged to bring along lunch, water, snacks, sun protection, an extra pair of socks and of course cameras/phones. I will bring sweets for you from a favorite NYC bakery.


Have you ever said, “I love New York but I could never live there” or “How could anyone live in that city?” If you have ever even thought some version of those words consider this tour created just for you! This is for the die-hard New York DIS-liker and for anyone who has suffered through countless visits to NYC where bad traffic just led to being dragged around by well-meaning friends or relatives to tourist sites with long lines, overwhelming crowds and big aggravation. This time when you visit New York you will, at the very least, fall in like with the city.


I will meet you and your party in front of your hotel for your ease and convenience. We’ll maneuver past the highlights of NYC you’ve already seen to focus on charming side streets on the way to fascinating neighborhoods. We’ll pop in and out of some of the city’s most beautiful spaces - from stunning landmark interiors (dependent on covid restrictions) to magnificently-designed parks; from classic bakeries to New York’s most iconic store. Along the way you will experience New York and its people in a way that just doesn't happen when you only visit Tourist NYC. For example, the atmosphere, sights and pace of all things Madison Avenue on the East Side and West End Avenue on the West Side might just change the way you answer the question. “Why would anyone live here” forever.

Come discover what you've visited to see so often and have missed discovering every time so far. You might find yourself thinking, “I Love New York!” and planning your very next visit before your tour comes to an end.


Lower Manhattan is filled with powerful and moving stories, both past and present. It is also an area where you find beautiful skyline views and can find peace, even refreshing breezes and waterfront vistas, as you explore one of the densest and most storied areas of Manhattan.  


We dive right into the heart of NYC on this very photogenic tour that begins in the heart of Times Square, covers Rockefeller Center, Radio City, St. Patrick's Cathedral and Saks Fifth Avenue and encompasses the stories (and the hidden places!) behind each of these iconic destinations. 



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