GuideWeek 2021: Thank You!

Thank you to all (from around the globe!) who signed up for GuideWeek 2021, the first virtual event designed to meet the needs of and empower local tour guides. We hope that you enjoyed the two days of great educational events and webinars (recordings will be up on the main GuideWeek page soon!), and are enjoying the great, live virtual tours being offered during this week. We also thank our sponsors, and all those who gave their time to help make this event happen. After the virtual tours, our final day will be Friday, which is Recruitment Day.

You can find the GuideWeek main page: HERE (you will need to be logged in to your account to view it).

One of the sessions we did was "Coffee Talk with GANYC". Unlike all the great industry-focused panels, this was focused on our own organization, and helping better explain to the global guiding community what GANYC is and what we do. Board members and leaders on various committees provided info on the work does primarily for our 300+ members, but also the advocacy we do for the crucial NYC tourism industry. You can watch that segment here: