GANYC FAM Tour Proposal Form

One of the most popular benefits of being a GANYC member is participating in and offering FAM tours, and we are very pleased many members wish to propose FAM tours for their fellow members!

If you are interested in giving a fam tour, please fill out this form. Please do not email the Education Committee or Board directly with your proposal.

Please only submit proposals that are complete with date + time certain, professional descriptions, etc.

NOTE: You must submit your FAM proposal at least one month before the planned FAM date. This is to ensure proper time to review + promote the event. Any FAM submitted less than 30 days from the proposed date will be rejected.

Please also note that proposed FAM tours will be reviewed and scheduled on a first-come/first-reviewed basis. The frequency of scheduling FAM tours will be commensurate with the size and nature of GANYC as a volunteer organization and usually no more than two FAMs per week will be scheduled. Members are asked to limit one FAM tour proposal for every three months and no more than four per year in order to diversify the number of featured members and the variety of FAM offerings.

FAM tour leaders are permitted to invite two outside guests on their FAM tours, but otherwise participating in GANYC FAM tours is a benefit to GANYC members only.

Please also note that, while gratuities from your fellow guides are standard, members are not otherwise compensated for these volunteer tours.

If you have a proposal for a Professional Development Program (PDP), please contact separately and the Education Committee will consider that proposal in due course.