Education Committee Event Procedures & Policies

The GANYC Education Committee consists of volunteer members, and organizes many events on behalf of our association, from fam (familiarization) tours to professional development programs (PDPs) to booking guest speakers for GANYC's monthly membership meetings. On this page, please find links to the most relevant topics regarding these events.

  • What are upcoming events, and where I can register?
    Please see the official GANYC Events page to see upcoming events. You can find a registration link there next to each event. Members will need to be logged in to the site to see members-only events, such as fam tours.
  • I am not a member. Can I attend these events?
    GANYC monthly membership meetings are the only events where the public is always allowed. Some events-- such as our annual Job Fair or certain PDPs-- can be attended by non-member licensed guides for a fee. Fam tours, however, are strictly for members only.
  • How do I cancel my registration?
    If a member cannot attend an event they registered for, they must cancel their own registration, or they may face a fine. Cancellations will not be accepted by email to the Education Committee, and must be done by each member. Information on this policy, and instructions for how to cancel can be found on our Announcements board. For exceptional circumstances regarding last-minute cancellations, members must email the GANYC Treasurer.
  • How can I offer/give a GANYC fam tour?
    If you are a GANYC member and wish to offer a fam tour to your fellow members, you can read our policy on offering these and a link to our proposal form. All proposals are subject to Education Committee approval.
  • How do I offer/give a PDP?
    Please email the Education Committee with a detailed proposal.


We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you soon!