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Spotlight on Industry Partner: DownToDash

Introducing GANYC industry partner -- DownToDash



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Tell us about your business.

DownToDash is a free app to make plans with and meet new people who share your interests. You can post your own plans for other people to join, search for other plans and events, and look at user profiles to find people who are down to do similar things! Apple Store: Google Play Store:

What year did your business open?


Can you tell us a little about your ideal customer?

People who move into NYC, tourists.

Has your company or organization been featured  in print, broadcast, or online media?  

Yes. Here is our TedX talk:

What drove you to work or create this company?

When we were in college there were so many times we wanted to form a group to play Basketball and could not find enough people. Also, when we travelled to New York it was difficult to meet people initially . We personally wished something like this existed.


72% of Americans suffer from loneliness and experience this feeling as often as once a week while 88% of people who move into new cities find it difficult to make friends. Moreover, loneliness is increasingly growing among millennials with 56% college students feeling lonely while 40% of them have no close friends on campus. Then there are people with many friends, who still find it difficult to meet people to share specific activities with.

What is the most gratifying part of your work?

Connecting people.

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GANYC is an association of independent tour guides. Each member is licensed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. GANYC provides a listing of all member guides to the public. GANYC is not liable, or responsible, for contractual obligations made between clients and tour guides. GANYC stands for Guides Association Of New York City.
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