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GANYC Response to Québec situation

This is GANYC's response to the licensing issue in Québec.


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January 15, 2016



GANYC - Guides Association of New York City, a member of the WFTGA and NFTGA, join our colleagues from around the world in decrying the recent news that the city of Québec, under pressure from tour operators, is considering removing training and licensing requirements for tourist guides.


We believe that regulation and training of tourist guides is essential for the benefit of the tourist to ensure an accurate, enjoyable and memorable experience.  One that may encourage return visits or at the least, encouraging acquaintances to visit as well.


It also provides consumer protection and redress, should the tourist feel they did not receive the service promised for the fees paid.


The tourist guide is the personal face of a country or city for travelers and often is the only local person the tourist engages in meaningful conversations.


Information provided by well-trained guides contributes significantly to the cultural understanding of the country/city visited.  A UNESCO protected city such as Québec has a vital interest in protecting the quality of the site-specific information being presented by guides.


Since 1974 GANYC has been the professional organization for Tourist Guides in New York City.  We believe that guides are ambassadors for our city and, as such, should represent the highest standards.  Standards that can only be maintained by training and licensing.  We hope that the authorities of Québec will reconsider their position in this matter.


 We also support WFTGA member APGT- Montréal and their certification and licensing program and the APGT-Montréal bike guide training program.





Michael Dillinger

President, GANYC


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GANYC is an association of independent tour guides. Each member is licensed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. GANYC provides a listing of all member guides to the public. GANYC is not liable, or responsible, for contractual obligations made between clients and tour guides. GANYC stands for Guides Association Of New York City.
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