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I am a Swedish-American born and raised in New York City. In the past I traveled as a tourist in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and many other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. I studied the Chinese language in college and can speak putonghua.  I am retired, being over sixty-five, and have the leisure of offering walking tours for Mandarin speakers. I am also a New York City licensed Sightseeing Guide. I am a member of the Guides Association of New York City.  I established my own business for sightseeing tours and do not have any relationship with other tour companies, thus I focus on your well being, safety, and customer satisfaction while here. I am also a photographer so will be your tour photographer at the same time. All photographic data from the tour can be provided to you and is included in my services (digital data so you can make photos). Regarding the tours, I would like to limit it to six people. I will not accept gratuity for services.
So please grab your walking stick and kick-on your walking shoes and join me for some walking tours!  
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."


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紐約中國寄興園 (屬於史廊碼頭文花中心)






我是瑞典美國人在紐約市出生長大的。 以前在中國大陸,香港,台灣,亞洲很多國家作旅客。從前在美國大學學習了中文所以會說普通話。 現在我是六十五多歲的男人退休了所以會臨時為貴國的遊客導遊。 我的執照導遊是紐約市的。我是紐約市導遊協會的會員。 我設立獨資經營的目的是提供步行觀光旅遊。我跟其他的旅遊公司沒有關係所以我會注意您的安全及顧可滿意。我也是一個攝影師所以我們導遊的時候可以為您做照相。 照相的數據相片都給您包括在內。關於團體旅客我喜歡六個人以內。我對中國習慣同意,我不接受小費。 請您將拐杖及旅遊鞋參加我的步行旅遊! 千里之行,始于足下!
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