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Dr. Jack Eichenbaum
Dr Jack Eichenbaum

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I am your Leader and Instructor, Dr. Jack Eichenbaum. I am educated broadly in the sciences but particularly as a geographer. My walking tours can be designed from a variety of urban perspectives. I stress the varying response to NYC’s topography: bays, beaches, wetlands, rivers, plains, highlands, glacial moraine. I explain how the evolution of transportation and technological change alters these relationships and how political imperatives can override them. Contemporary New York City is the most globally concentrated mix of languages, ethnicities, religions, cuisines, and visual and performing arts on the planet. I explain how this has come about through migrations based on religious freedom, cultural expression, economic necessity and self-fulfillment. I’ve been leading walks for the public and affiliated groups for five decades. New York City cannot be fully appreciated only from inside the windows of a vehicle. Many of the walks I lead are promoted by museums, historical societies and civic organizations who open them to the public. Others are self-sponsored and are broadcast via my update list. These walks, or similar walks in other parts of NYC, can be customized for any group. See

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Long Island City, Flushing, Planning and Redevelopment, Areas originally settled by the Dutch (Nieuw Nederland,) Changing Cultures of Queens, Life Along a Subway Line, Adventures using unusual means of transportation. 


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Churches & Houses of Worship
Dutch New Amsterdam
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